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Over 120 years of

combined experience

Control when your vehicle stops

You can protect your own safety and the safety of other drivers on the roadway when you are proactive with your brake system maintenance. In-N-Out Automotive Repair is ready to help you with your routine brake check-ups and the repairs on your brake system.

Brake system services:

• Shocks/struts

• Inspecting the system for leaks

• Resurfacing the rotors

• Repairing leaks

• Bleeding the brake lines

• Replacing front disc pads

Eliminate squeaky brakes today


When it comes to your brake service needs, rely on the experienced work of In-N-Out Automotive Repair. Make sure you can safely stop the vehicle whenever you need, with our expert help.

Family-owned and operated business.

Work with an ASE and

LLC business.

Our ASE Certified technicians are ready to provide a complete inspection for your brake system as well as determining any potential problems with

your shocks and struts.